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Our Vision

A unified, profitable competitive industry creating consumer demand and with reliable access to adequate melliferous resources.

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Tasmanian Crop Pollination Ass - please contact the Secretary Natalie Wright 0400583099 or email [email protected]


Tasmanian Beekeepers Annual Conference will be held at Tall Timbers Hotel, Smithton on the 29/30th May, 2015 

Guest speakers include -

Dr Peter Brooks and Daniel Melconceilli, University of Sunshine Coast - A few pointers on producing active Tasmanian Manuka Honey and Authenticating the floral sources of Tasmanian Honey through chemical profilint, and their anit-flammatory activity.

Mr John Rawcliffe, NZ - UMF Honey Association's Manuka ID Project

Ms Jody Gerdts - Hygienic Behaviour of Bees

Mr Ben Hooper - Beekeeping in SA & Nuffield Scholarship Report

Mr Sam Malfroy , Plant Health Australia - National Biosecurity Plan



Leatherwood honey... uniquely Tasmanian. Find out more...
Leatherwood honey... uniquely Tasmanian.