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Our Vision

A unified, profitable competitive industry creating consumer demand and with reliable access to adequate melliferous resources.

Recent announcements


Vacant Leatherwood Sites - please contact Forestry Tasmania Camdale for application form - 0364332666

Applications close 31st October, 2014

Site MU32 Toyo Road capacity 20 hives

Site 56 Midslope Road Capacity 30 hives

Sites MU 1118 Myrtle Dell Spur 3-2 Capacity 30 hives (one year only)


Tasmanian Crop Pollination Ass - please contact the Secretary Natalie Wright 0400583099 or email [email protected]


North West Field Day -

Saturday 8th November at the Elliott Community Centre commencing at 10am.  Please contact Liz Douglas on 64282005 for further details 


 Southern Branch Field Day -

Sunday 16th November at 10am at Laurie & Wendy Cowen's place, Belbins Road Cambride.  For futher details please contact Maurice Rimes on [email protected]



Leatherwood honey... uniquely Tasmanian. Find out more...
Leatherwood honey... uniquely Tasmanian.